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Mold Services



Good mold and bad mold is found nearly everywhere and include both indoor and outdoor environments year round. Mold should not be permitted to grow indoors. When left untended, mold can cause major damage to both your home and health. For this reason, we are experienced in inspecting and testing for potential mold growths and providing recommendations to remediate any findings. 




Mold Testing & Inspection

        The purpose of a mold inspection is to identify and report signs of potential mold growth along with conditions that are conducive to mold growth. The inspection is non-intrusive and can include either a visual inspection, sampling and testing, or both. 

        Typical sampling consists of obtaining air, swab, tape, and/or bulk samples. The samples are submitted to a laboratory that is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC for the direct examination of fungi. My lab of choice is CEI Labs of Cary, North Carolina (

Mold inspections will be performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Mold Inspectors (NAMI) in effect at the time of the inspection. Systems and components to be inspected for signs of potential mold growth and conditions that are conducive to mold growth include: exposed and visible landscaping, exteriors, foundations, roofing, plumbing, attic, interior rooms, crawlspaces, heating and central air condition, and garage or carport.


Following the inspection, a final report will be prepared and submitted to you which will include:

  • Project information,
  • Locations of visible microbial growth and/or water damage,
  • Visual inspection of the grounds, exterior, structure, interior, plumbing, and HVAC,
  • Diagram showing sample locations (if applicable),
  • Sample results, and
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

A mold inspection is not a home inspection and does not identify physical defects in systems. The mold inspection and report are not a GUARANTEE or WARRANTY that the items inspected are mold-free, or that concealed conditions conducive to mold do not or will not exist.

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