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Asbestos Services



We deliver a range of services from identifying asbestos-containing materials to properly designing and managing a plan to safely remove and dispose of asbestos-containing materials. We promise to deliver quick, reliable and professional services at an unbeatable price.  




Asbestos Inspections/Assessments (SC & NC)

A building inspection involves the following:

  • Investigation of records (i.e. previous inspections, plans, specifications, etc.),
  • Physical and visual inspection of the building,
  • Sampling and analyzing suspect building materials, and
  • Assessing the condition and location of the suspect materials.

Following the inspection, a report is prepared that must include the following information:

  • Date of inspection,
  • Name and signature of inspector,
  • Location and description of each suspect material sampled,
  • Sample information including specific location and lab results,
  • Categorization of each suspect material,
  • Designation of each suspect material,
  • Inventory and physical assessment of each suspect material, and
  • Copy of lab results.
All samples collected must be analyzed by a NIST accredited laboratory. Samples are analyzed by the appropriate protocol via PLM or TEM. SCDHEC requires a TEM test be performed for all non-friable organically bound material found negative via PLM. My lab of choice is CEI Labs of Cary, North Carolina (


Asbestos Air Monitoring (SC & NC)

        Asbestos air monitoring is required for the removal of friable asbestos containing materials or for non-friable materials that will be rendered friable during abatement activities.

         Area air sampling is required prior to abatement activities to estimate the existing airborne fiber concentrations inside the building. Air sampling is also required during abatement from locations outside the work area, but inside the building to determine how well asbestos fibers are being contained in the work area. Final clearance air samples are collected post abatement to estimate the airborne concentration of residual fibers.



Asbestos Abatement Designs (SC)

        Asbestos abatement designs must outline the scope of work to be performed in accordance with state regulations. The design plan must include proper procedures and information for the abatement, removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. 


Asbestos Management Planning (SC)

        The purpose of the Asbestos Management Plan is to inform, guide, and direct personnel in regards to managing the identified asbestos-containing materials. The management plan must cover information for the asbestos program manager, personnel requirements, general work practices, operations and management activities and more to prevent the release of asbestos fibers until the asbestos-containing materials can be properly removed and disposed. 

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